EU Food Security Hub

puntos cortos


puntos cortos

The EU Food Security HUB project is complementary to the following initiatives carried out by the Consortium organizations:

La Botiga, managed by ABD, is a public cooperative from El Prat de Llobregat City Council that aims to overcome food insecurity, through community empowerment and socio-labor inclusion of vulnerable groups. La Botiga arises in response to traditional food distribution strategies, creating an innovative space open to all citizens. Some of the values promoted are Community activation, healthy habits, consumption of local and socially responsible products, social cohesion and fight against food waste. 

The Social Kitchen by IASIS is an initiative which offers food services to vulnerable citizens of the Municipality of New Philadelphia in Chalkidona (Athens) and is geared towards people facing social problems. Its main goal is to cover basic needs for people who are in a state of poverty or homelessness. Some of the services provided by The Social Kitchen are: diagnosis and mobilization for vulnerable citizens to meet their needs and redefine their lives; liaison of individuals with social services for information and support; psychosocial empowerment; access to food and clean clothing

Land, an innovative and sustainable agricultural system born from the previous experience acquired by the association CESIE. Lands runs a farm located in the province of Palermo, which hosts an agriworking center, with both green and smart working space for staff and wide outdoor space for innovative farming and for educational and cultural activities. Land promotes a green revolution by aiming at innovating and encouraging entrepreneurial projects in different domains, including rural development, community resilience, renewable energy, ecological transition, sustainable tourism and mobility and the creation of a Living Lab in Sicily. 

Cascina Sant’Alberto, a project managed by ACRA in coordination with the Milan Municipality, aims at supporting sustainable agricultural production; promoting vocational training and employment for young vulnerable people; promoting commercialization of agricultural products, involving civil society, local community and promoting awareness of social economy and agroecology. Agriculture is the tool to provide employment opportunities, promote sustanability and environment, increase awareness and mobilize local communities.

The Local Solidarity-based Partnerships for Agroecology (LSPA) initiatives, promoted by URGENCI, focus on collaborative agroecological-food initiatives anchored in territorial food systems aiming to facilitate the collaboration between farmers, consumers, local governments and other actors to build sustainable local food systems based on shared values of solidarity, fairness and transparency. A resource of LSPA is the Urgenci Village, an E-learning hub for the LSPA Community, a virtual village in which each house offers a wide range of resources about agroecology, advocacy, territorial food systems, LSPA and community supported fisheries